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Logitech G710+ Lights Turn Off

Logitech G710+ Lights Turn Off, Mod Log : Logitech G710+ Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Cleaning & Disassembly, 11.26 MB, 08:12, 52,077, TaeKeyboards, 2016-05-13T05:37:09.000000Z, 19, Turn off m1 light on a logitech g710 keyboard | TechPowerUp Forums,, 1002 x 778, jpeg, Patch notes only states certain logitech keyboards use this but no mention on how to turn it off. Go into your logitech gaming software (should be in your tray in windows). Go to the gear icon on the lower right. Uncheck allow games to control illumination. , 20, logitech-g710-lights-turn-off, INDIANA MOTOR