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Joker Im A Man Of My Word

Joker Im A Man Of My Word, I'm a man of my word | The Dark Knight [4k, HDR], 3.39 MB, 02:28, 5,401,368, Flashback FM, 2019-12-09T19:15:47.000000Z, 19, I'm a man of my word. - The Joker Fan Art (8276377) - Fanpop,, 1802 x 1694, jpeg, Cackles the joker as he holds a knife to an old man's mouth). Morgan freeman is equally amusing as lucius fox, the ceo of wayne enterprises, gary oldman plays a convincing commissioner gordon, and maggie gylenhaal makes the best of the role she's given as rachel dawes, doing a much better job than katie holmes did last time around. Here we post memes from anything the dc character joker has been in. Press j to jump to the feed. , 20, joker-im-a-man-of-my-word, INDIANA MOTOR