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In What Way Is A Piano An Example Of A Quantized System?

In What Way Is A Piano An Example Of A Quantized System?, What is Quantizing in Music Production, 10.23 MB, 07:27, 2,203, Composing Academy, 2021-11-21T12:00:05.000000Z, 19, b8 | BASIC8 - The Fantasy Computer/Console!,, 612 x 203, png, Give a brief (1 sentence) justification for each answer and if appropriate identify the more quantized system and the more classical system. In a piano only discrete notes are played by the keys (quantized) for a violin you can play a continuum of sound. To put it in straightforward terms, quantization is something that occurs in physical systems when we move from the world of large objects (like bowling balls) into the world of very, very small objects (like electrons, for example). In the big world, an object like a wheel or a top can possess any value of spin that we wish to give it. , 20, in-what-way-is-a-piano-an-example-of-a-quantized-system, INDIANA MOTOR