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Fallout Shelter What Does Leveling Do

Fallout Shelter What Does Leveling Do, How To Create Fallout Shelter's Strongest Dwellers: Vault Log #10, 6.13 MB, 04:28, 402,448, Pressing X, 2016-11-28T22:08:47.000000Z, 19, Fallout Shelter: Tips, tricks, and strategy to keep your dwellers free,, 1334 x 750, jpeg, The following is based on information from fallout shelter or fallout shelter online. Vault dwellers are the inhabitants of the player's vault and as such are a very valuable resource. They are the ones who do the work, making the power, water and food that the vault requires to survive. They are also sent out into the wasteland to explore for. , 20, fallout-shelter-what-does-leveling-do, INDIANA MOTOR