Getting Suits Made in Thailand: Versatile Suit Colors

Every man should own a suit and no it does not have to be black. When people think of suits they usually think that black is always the best. While it is a good conservative color for a suit, it is not so versatile and so it is not recommended if you are buying your very first suit. In choosing colors, remember that they have to be versatile and can easily go from daywear to evening wear. If you are heading out to visit a Thailand suit tailor, here are some of the best colors you should think about getting in your wardrobe.


Most Thailand tailors will tell you that if there is one suit color that easily works for any occasion, it is the gray suit. Gray is the most well revered color in the world of suits because it is so versatile. It can work with any other colors and can be made slightly casual or formal depending on how you wear it. Gray is the best color for a first suit as it can be used for various occasions—be it a date or a meeting with the boss.


Navy blue suits definitely scream professional, it is no wonder that those who are on sales and those who are in a fast paced corporate world opt for them. Navy is a conservative color and will make you feel at ease in a high powered environment. It is also workable with other colors so mixing and matching becomes easy. If you are having Thailand custom suits made, definitely consider this color.

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Going easily in between gray and black, this color is very elegant and will definitely make a chic statement for a formal gathering such as a wedding. This color looks great in contrast with a crisp white shirt or any light colored shirt. Every wardrobe should have a charcoal color suit.


Of course, black will always be stylish and will make any wearer look polished for any formal occasion. Black makes a good third or second pair but could be limiting as a first pair as there are only few occasions where you can use it without being over the top.


A good daytime color is khaki especially during the summer months. This color can easily be dressed up or down. It looks presentable but is not too stuffy. This color like black, is not advisable as a first suit color. However, definitely buy one if you have the money to buy multiple suits.

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